Valentines from an evolutionist’s perspective.


The Animated Life of A.R. Wallace (Director's Cut) from Sweet Fern Productions on Vimeo.


Two Scientists Share Credit for the Theory of Evolution. Darwin Got Famous; This Biologist Didn’t.

You’ve heard of Charles Darwin, right? Of course you have. But have you heard of A.R. Wallace? Probably not. But what if I told you that he was just as important as Darwin in discovering the theory of natural selection?

History has not been kind to Wallace, pushing him back to the depths of obscurity, while every nerdy college kid sticks a Darwin poster on their dorm room wall. In this video, animators Flora Lichtman and Sharon Shattuck tell the forgotten story of Wallace—a tale of misfortune, shipwreck, backpacking, malaria and incredible science.

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let’s talk about housecats and how fucking weird they are evolutionarily/anthropologically

like who thought it was a good idea to have tiny malicious predators in our homes anyways????? (not us actually)

are they even domesticated????!!!?? (yes) do they even feel LOVE???????!!? (yes)



you ready 2 learn punk

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Cladistic representation of all species known to exist.  This is what a “family tree” looks like when examining derived characteristics that species share with one another.  It allows us to know what came from where and when!

This is definitely cool but am I the only one who sees a great Kiwi of Life when I look at this?



Cladistic representation of all species known to exist.  This is what a “family tree” looks like when examining derived characteristics that species share with one another.  It allows us to know what came from where and when!

This is definitely cool but am I the only one who sees a great Kiwi of Life when I look at this?




Deny that apes eat meat again

I fucking dare you.

Chimps yes, though their diet is primarily vegetarian I am aware they will hunt. Gorillas on the other hand, as far as I’m aware, do not. This is why it is gorillas-not chimps and not apes-that people point to.

ok but humans are more closely related to chimps and bonobos so…?

maybe people should just avoid trying to use evolutionary lineages to justify human diet choices since it really has no bearing on the ethics of modern agriculture anyway (and it tends to make people look foolish regardless of what they’re trying to argue).

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Whale Evolution, From Pakicetus to Dorudon

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[TW Rape]
In 30 years observations, Jane Goodall never saw one rape among the chimpanzees, our closest primate cousins. Though it’s not possible to draw firm conclusions about human behaviour from animals, Goodall’s findings, and many other recent studies, get us questioning the old myths we have about rape. One of the most persistent myths about rape is that male biology and primitive male sex urges drive men to rape. But current information indicates that rape is more a learned act of sexual violence that comes out of social beliefs that men have a right to dominate and control women. The fact that rape is learned means that we can work to change the underlying beliefs and eliminate rape from our communities.

Truth About Rape  (via remnant)


I was hoping not to have to do this rant but i’ve seen this damned quote going around too many times.

This is just flat out wrong. It’s inaccurate and a misrepresentation of what is known about evolution and behavior in the animal world.

Rape happens in nature, okay? It is part of human evolutionary past, it is present in other great apes, as well as lots of other species. A quick google scholar search brings up a ton of research on rape in other primates, so yes it happens, and Goodall’s research is a significant portion of our understanding of it.

This doesn’t change anything.

It doesn’t matter if rape is “male biology” or “primitive male sex urges” or any of that other evolutionary psychology bullshit that gets thrown around. It really doesn’t. Because chimps also go to war, rip apart their enemies, and you, know, eat raw meat and live naked in the jungle.

And somehow as humans we’ve more or less established that these things are frowned upon, to be avoided, and/or punishable.

Because we have cultures, and society, and and norms, all of which keep us from killing each other willy nilly BUT ALSO lend to things like religion and weirdo values that set in place things like puritanical restrictions on sex which then lead to things like victim-blaming, slut-shaming, all the other things that lead to rape culture.

We did that all by our fucking selves, alright?

Chimps rape but it’s because they are animals, not because they live in a society with “gray rape” and playboy and a social license to operate, or a societal gendered power complex that makes him feel entitled to all the lady chimps.

Humans have that. We need to own it and stop trying to compare our primal past. We know most rapists aren’t all “I wanna pass on all my genes with all the females and increase my biological fitness”

No, they’re like “she’s wearing a shirt skirt, she must want it right? she’s not saying no, she’s just lying there so it’s fine right? so already kissed me, she’s gonna get what’s coming to her.”


all this quote needs is the last sentence. It doesn’t need to compare us to chimps (inaccurately). It just needs to say that humans have a fucked up system that allows rape to happen despite our mostly-otherwise civilized behavior.

Because that disgusting exception is what matters and what is powerful and needs changing. Please stop muddling it with chimp comparisons.

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The marbled lungfish has the largest genome in the animal kingdom.

you go, marbled lungfish.

things Tumblr social justice does to you TW rape, violence

I can never take a conversation about gender roles and sex as legitimate if it doesn’t also discuss rape culture.

This is one of those things I just can’t look at as hard science anymore. Human society is so far removed base animal instincts that it doesn’t make sense to me to talk about it as such.

My (male) partner doesn’t get jealous of me wanting to have sex with other people.

I (female) don’t want conversation more than my partner does.

My male partner doesn’t automatically want sex more than I do.

I don’t want, or believe other females want, to have sex with multiple partners because of “low self-esteem.”

I don’t believe only monogamous, heterosexual relationships are the norm

I don’t think asking loaded questions that imply all these things are true (in the light of evolutionary psychology) is AT ALL beneficial without also at least mentioning how

the propensity for aggressive male gender roles to encourage violence (esp towards women) is harmful.

this entire set of theories on how men and women act towards eachother breaks down when you consider that society has nonbinary people

and nonheterosexual people

and people in nonmonogamous relationships

and everyone in them is ok with that.

In fact, I think ignoring those things is pretty damn harmful.

Because when a question is asked to the men in the class

How would you react if your girlfriend slept with another man?

and the guy next to me mutters under his breath

I’d beat the fucking shit out of her

that is pretty fucking scary.

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